A Short Course in Custom T-shirt Printing

Custom t shirt printing refers to the process of printing custom designs on t-shirts. This is a popular way to promote businesses, charities, and even social causes. The benefits of custom t shirt printing include:

What is custom t shirt printing?

Custom print t shirt is the process of printing a design on a t-shirt. It can be done by any company that specializes in this kind of printing, though there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a company to do your custom t shirt printing for you.

What are the benefits of custom t shirt printing?

It’s a great way to promote your business. Custom t shirt printing is a great way to get the word out about your business, whether you sell products or services. Your logo will be seen by everyone who sees you wearing it, which can only help when people make the connection between your shirt and whatever product or service it promotes.

Custom t shirt printing can be used for events, parties, and other occasions. It also makes an excellent gift for friends and family members! The possibilities really are endless with custom t-shirts; there’s no reason not to use them!

Custom t shirt printing helps show off personality. If someone likes a certain color combination on their clothes then why not put it on their tee? Maybe they love dogs so much that they want one on every item of clothing in their closet and if so then why not put one on all of them? If anything goes with being yourself then this is definitely something that should happen more often than not since people tend to get bored easily otherwise (especially younger ones).

Choose Your Shirt

  • Choose a shirt that is comfortable. We’re not saying you have to wear something that makes you look like an extra from The Breakfast Club, but it should fit well and feel nice against your skin. You can put on a t-shirt and spend the whole day in it without noticing, but if it’s scratchy or tight, you’ll start to feel self-conscious. Also, keep in mind that some shirts are easier to print on than others (cotton vs polyester). If you want professional results and don’t want anyone else touching your shirt with their bare hands during printing or washing, choose cotton!
  • Choose a durable fabric. Some people think they’ll save money by using cheaper t-shirts for custom printing jobs; however this may not actually be true because those cheap shirts don’t last very long before they start falling apart at seams or getting holes in them. Cotton is one of the most durable materials available so if durability matters most then stick with this option!
  • Choose an easy-to-print surface area: Don’t make things difficult for yourself by choosing something hard for us printers like silk screen printing onto velvet fabrics because we’re only human too! It also helps if there aren’t any logos already printed onto said material beforehand either because then we’d have nowhere left inside these clothing items where we could put our own artwork – thus defeating their purpose entirely which would make everyone sad including ourselves because nobody likes making mistakes like that when doing something important such as creating custom printed clothing items from scratch!”

Choose Your Ink/Printing Method

There are several different methods you can use when printing your custom t shirt Malaysia, but there are a few things to consider before deciding on one. Inkjet printing is the most common method of custom t-shirt printing because it’s affordable and easy to do. However, before you print any shirts, make sure that you’ve chosen the right type of ink for your needs. There are four main types of inks (or “colors”) used in inkjet printing:

  • Photo Black – This color is used to print darker images on dark garments like black shirts. It’s also a good choice if you want an even darker shade than what other types offer without having to go with black text only (which might not show up well).
  • Process Blue – A pretty standard color choice for most designs because it looks good on both light and dark garments and is generally easier for customers’ eyes to read than white text would be.
  • Matte Black – Another great option for dark clothing like blue jeans or t-shirts; this color stands out from surrounding areas nicely without being overly harsh or distracting from anything else going on within an image itself!

Design Your Shirt

The first step in the printing process is designing your shirt. This can be done through a number of online templates or by downloading a design from one of the many websites dedicated to this purpose. You will want to make sure that you have all the right measurements and colors before beginning your design, as it is much easier to fix small mistakes before they are printed than it is after they’ve been made permanent.

Once you have your design, you will need to choose which type of ink and printing method you want for your project. Each method has its own unique set of advantages; some are more flexible than others while others may be better suited for specific types of shirts (such as cotton).

Order Your Shirts

You can order your shirts using our online system, or by calling us. If you’re ordering online, make sure to check that everything looks the way you want it to: the size of the print and quality of the image (if there’s anything pixelated), colour depth; feel. Make sure everything matches up with what we discussed in our meeting.


If you’re ready to order your custom t-shirts, check out our online store. After you’ve placed your order, we will send over a proof within two business days so that you can make sure everything looks perfect before printing.